Top range - KD-Comfort

KD Comfort keyless locking

standard or magnetic version

The new KD-Comfort lock with magnetic latch

The new magnetic lock adapts to the minimalist concept of contemporary room concepts. It fits flush on the front of the door, making it more aesthetically pleasing. The magnetic lock is ideally suited for butt doors and supports the door concept without rebate to close flush with the wall on the door frame.

When closing the door, the door handle does not have to be operated, the latch is pulled by the magnets in the striking plate when the correct position is reached, thus the door can be closed quietly.

KD-Comfort lock standard

LESS IS MORE - KD-COMFORT - The door handle with integrated lock
Modern architecture is minimalistic, it is refined to its essential substance. Unnecessary detail is set aside. The KD-COMFORT-System replaces the extra key escutcheon with a simple pin in the rose of the handle. With this, KARCHER DESIGN is able to create an additional design element for modern interior designs, in which a choice between technology and design is not necessary anymore.


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