Welcome to Karcher Design - Our trainees 2019

Welcome to Karcher Design - Our trainees 2019

This year we are pleased to welcome four new trainees to our company. In order to ease them into their new environment, our trainees from the second and third apprenticeship years prepared a great introductory day with a subsequent excursion.

After the short introductory event, we continued with our sporting activities. Our destination was the Margaret Gorge in the beautiful Odenwald forest. The picturesque area of the sandstone gorge led along striking rock faces to an airy 290 meters altitude. This was, of course, a good way for our new trainees to look after their physical well-being. The lunch break was spent at a nearby grill place by the forest lake.

Feeling invigorated after lunch, the team continued the day with cooperation and communication games such as the river crossing or the Gordian knot. This was a great opportunity for team building and for our new trainees to get to know their instructors a bit better.

Looking back on a successful day, everyone walked along the adventurous stone path back to the parking lot.

We wish all the trainees a good start to their apprenticeship in our company.

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