Bicolor - elegant duet of colors

Bicolor - elegant duet of colors

The term bicolor began in the world of jewelry. Here, bicolor refers to the combination of two different colored precious materials. Jewelry in bicolor shine in their glamorous two-tone effect; The timeless classic gold-silver combination or the more casual fashion statement contrasting light and dark E.G. silver and black. Why choose one color when you can combine them?

With color combinations of the multiple award-winning trend color Cosmos Black and classic satin stainless steel, the KARCHER DESIGN Rhodos door handle is right on the pulse of time. Combinations of two harmonizing color shades are more in vogue than ever before. The contrast between the deep dark color and the light color of stainless steel makes the door handle look elegant and vibrant. High-quality materials ensure a visible value and make the simple form of the door handle a harmonious balance between extravagance and understatement.

Especially important for the ideal bicolor look is the clear separation of colors. In the case of the Rhodos door handle, this is provided by the components of the 3-part rose technology where one of the two colors dominates, the other sets accents that are more understated. The combination of the colors creates a new lightness that fits perfectly into any individually designed room.

Although the two colors are clearly separated, the satin surface gives them a pleasant look and merges them into an elegant duet. This harmonious symbiosis of materials and colors enhances the ambience of any room.

High-quality surface, angular elegance and modern combinations, the Rhodos door handle, in the new KARCHER DESIGN color combinations, is the ideal addition for modern rooms.

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