Apprenticeship as a Warehouse Logistics Specialist

Warehouse logistics specialists receive goods of all kinds and are responsible for checking their quantity and condition on based on accompanying documents. They organise the unloading of the goods, sort them and store them appropriately in previously planned locations.

In the outgoing goods department, they put deliveries together, pack the goods and prepare accompanying documents such as delivery slips or customs declarations. They also load trucks or containers, operate forklifts and secure the cargo for shipping.

Furthermore, warehouse logistics specialists optimise the internal flow of information and material from procurement to sales.


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Apprenticeship as a Warehouse Logistics Specialist, 1. year

My name is Abdelhamid, I am 24 years old and since September 2022 I have been doing an apprenticeship training as a warehouse logistics specialist. This apprenticeship is split over three and a half days in the company and one and a half day in a technical school each week. The training consists of learning the basics of order preparation in the warehouse. This apprenticeship lasts for 2 to 3 years and ends with final exams.

First of all, a little about my background: I arrived in Germany in June 2022 with no knowledge of the German language or the German school system whatsoever. From there on I had the opportunity to do a 3-month internship from June to August in the warehouse. This internship allowed me to integrate myself quickly into the company and was also the deciding factor for me in my decision to start the apprenticeship.

Is doing this apprenticeship without speaking German possible? Yes, it is quite possible.

During my first 3 months, I was able to get intensive German language classes every day in the company which helped me enormously for my integration in Germany.

In the company speaking several languages is also appreciated. I can speak French, Italian and Arabic fluently I can also speak a little Spanish, English and now German, thanks to Karcher Design.

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Warehouse Logistics Specialist

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