Award winning products

In 2019, we already received the Muuuz International Award for our Montana ER54 model. This was followed by awards for our Cosmos Black surface, presented by the Callwey publishing house, and the International RedDot Award. In addition, our Las Vegas ER87 model received the German Design Award. In 2020, our design model Paris ER54 received the Callwey Award and the German Design Award.

Muuuz international Award 2019
The designer door handle Montana ER54 received an award from the French MUUUZ International Award in the category "interior design". The MUUUZ Internal Awards of the ArchiDesignClub are presented in cooperation with the magazine Muuuz. Every year, the most outstanding new products in the field of architecture are awarded.

Callwey 2019
For the ninth time in a row, the Callwey publisher in cooperation with Deutsches Architekten Museum presented the award "Houses of the Year - the best single-family homes". This year, for the first time, the top class jury also honoured products in this context. And we can be pleased about our third award for Cosmos Black. In the fittings category, we received the coveted "Best product" award.

German Design Award 2019
Our lever handle ER87 Las Vegas was awarded with the German Design Award Special Mention (Building & Elements). In this category products with a special design quality are honoured. The German Design Award itself was presented for the first time in 2012 and is one of the most important design competitions worldwide.

RedDot 2019
The second award for our surface Cosmos Black in a row! We were awarded the coveted international Red Dot Award for our Cosmos Black Surface in the category Product Design - Materials and Surfaces. This year, companies and designers from 55 countries submitted more than 5,000 products and we can count ourselves among the lucky winners.

Callwey 2020 & German Design Award 2021
Karcher Design’s new lever model, PARIS ER55, created by the Italian designer Itamar Harari, combines ergonomics and design at the highest level. The balanced interplay of straight forms and pleasantly rounded edges also convinced the juries of two renowned awards.
Already at the beginning of the year, the door handle was selected as "Best Product" of the Callwey Award 2020. This was followed by the "German Design Award 2021" in the category "Special Mention: Building Elements".

Callwey 2021
Minimalist - designs reduced to the essentials is the main characteristic of modern, purist interior design. KARCHER DESIGN has dedicated their mission to this style, and developed a new concept in which the door handle and rose appear to be almost invisible: "The Mission Invisible”. The concept also convinced the jury of the Callwey Awards, which honoured the product series with the "Solutions of the Year" award.



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