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EDF Saclay

Our stainless steel door handle the ER21 Manhattan is a must-have from the KARCHER Design range of products. We are proud that it furnishes the New EDF Research Centre located on the Saclay Plateau which was completed in March 2016.

It is now one of the 8th largest R&D centres in the world with a capacity for 3,000 people on 78,000 m² space. This place is so highly frequented, that the product must be able to withstand intensive use.

The architects of the firm "SOLER" were so impressed by the manufacturing quality along with the patented 3-piece rose technology which is specifically designed for such projects. The construction of this centre is exemplary. Connecting all aspects for the environment as it demonstrates environmental awareness and modernity. Moreover, the emphasis that has been placed on the well-being of employees thanks to their innovative infrastructures.

The synergy and spirit of this development has given us a focus for the future. Before the project even started, the architects of the firm "SOLER" selected the model ER21 Manhattan to go with the daily of the researchers.

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